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Google Confirms 700 MHz Auction Participation, Gets Ready To Play Spoiler

As has been widely expected, Google has confirmed that it will participate in the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum license auction here in the US. There’s lots of speculation and analysis about what this means; for its part, Google says FCC rules will prevent it from speaking publicly about its strategy. Google’s blog post about the […]

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One Bright Spot In The Morass Of International Roaming Charges

Like many other mobile bloggers, I’ve complained before about excessive international roaming fees. The issue isn’t that I’ve been hit with bill shock because I didn’t know what the prices were; it’s quite the opposite. I know what the charges are, and it’s appalling. While the operator I use, T-Mobile USA, still levies hefty roaming […]

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Motorola Gets A New CEO

This has been a while in the making: MOTOCEO Ed ZNDR is out as Motorola CEO come January 1, and will be replaced by the company’s president. ZNDR’s legacy is undoubtedly the RAZR: a huge-selling handset, but one the company couldn’t follow up with another smash hit. Motorola’s corporate history over the last several years […]

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Mike on His Bike

My pal, Mike Rowehl, fellow AdMobber, blogger, MoMo’er and engineer extraordinaire has decided it’s time for him to leave AdMob. He explains some of his reasoning here. It’s always a sad day when a valued employee leaves a company voluntarily and especially so when it’s the first time it happens. In Mike’s case, he was […]

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Verizon Confirms LTE Plans, Things Get A Bit More Interesting

Verizon Wireless, the US mobile JV between Verizon and Vodafone, has confirmed that it will use LTE for its next-generation mobile network. This is significant because it, in essence, will bring Verizon into the GSM-based camp (though LTE isn’t technically a GSM technology, it’s viewed by most GSM operators as the logical upgrade path from […]

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