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Buy the Book

Following my post last week about Tomi Ahonen being interviewed on CNN about his new book “Digital Korea”, quite a few of you have asked where they can buy it. Here’s the link to Future Text, the publisher founded by Ajit Jaokar, who I also wrote my first and only book (so far) with. I […]

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Stat to Chew On

Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet, spoke at Google’s analyst day today, and shared some stats about the net. This one caught my eye: There are currently 1.244 billion internet users, on about a billion PCs. There are 3 billion mobile phones in use. I’m not reading too much into that or […]

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UIQ/Motorola and Other Symbian Notes

I was in London earlier this week and hit Symbian’s Smartphone Show. The big news news was twofold: Motorola buying half of UIQ, and Nokia’s announcement of an S60 touchscreen interface. First, on UIQ: this is a fairly big piece of news, as it would appear to confirm earlier statements from people at the company […]

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Push and Pull

I was talking to Nick Lane in Barcelona last week. Nick was the excellent MC of the MMA Forum in Barcelona and ex-Informa Principal Analyst, now doing his own thing at d2Consult – if you’re interested in anything from expert strategic planning to investment proofing your business plan, get in touch with him. One of […]

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More Mobile Web Stats

AdMob (my employer) released a whole bunch of stats about the mobile web today, along with some global and local trends and handset analysis. Given the frustrating lack of data about the mobile web generally, there’s some interesting stuff in there. It’s also based on the 1.5 Billion ads served every month globally, which means […]

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