Mippin For Some Mobile Content

Refresh Mobile is somewhat well known for their Java-based mobizines, which Russell wrote about last year. But they’re back with a new project, called Mippin.

mippin.jpgAt its most basic level, Mippin is essentially a web-based mobile RSS reader, and it does a great job of letting users follow their favorite sites and blogs through their mobile browser (though it does behave a bit differently than something like Bloglines mobile). The user experience it offers is pretty fantastic, it’s very easy to use and well-designed. It’s pretty different from Mobizines in that publishers don’t necessarily have to do anything on their own to set up feeds; the first time a Mippin user enters a site’s URL into the service, Mippin grabs the RSS feed and adds it to its database. Though Refresh was able to set up 300 different brands on mobizines, ability to scale was an issue, but not with Mippin.

Mippin also features a number of ways to share what you’re reading on your mobile, and recommendation features and the like. I’m impressed by the design and ease of use, and it’s a great way to read your favorite sites from your mobile device. It also features a bunch of “Mipplets” which allow you to access particular information, or even do things like search Flickr for images with a particular tag.

You get the feeling from playing around Mippin that the current functionality is just a start. By putting RSS at the center of things, Mippin has the potential to be much more than just a feedreader. RSS is just a transport mechanism, a way to get information into the service. The most common use for it is, of course, blog posts and text articles. But with a little imagination, you can see how Mippin could take other types of content distributed via RSS (like podcasts, or anything else), and enhance them for the mobile user.

Mippin is now in open beta, so you can visit mippin.com on your handset to experience it, or check out their video tour for more info.

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