Another Chewable Stat

Mary Meeker is the legendary Morgan Stanley analyst aka the “Queen of the Net” and was recently holding forth at the Web 2.0 Summit.

While most of her presentation was about the PC web world, there were a couple of interesting points that caught my eye.

First up, there have been around 50 million iPods ever sold with 4GM+ of storage since 2005. Today there are already 7 million phones sold with 1GB+ of storage.

Pretty soon the number of phones in circulation with large storage capacity will dwarf the iPod and it’ll be consigned to an interesting historical curiosity, interesting only really in its role as father of the iPhone itself – assuming that the iPhone starts to really generate sales in proportion to the hype it still enjoys. That’s why Apple had to launch the iPhone and that’s why I predicted that they would in August 2004 – quite some time before most other pundits, both amateur and professional.

Music and Podcasts are coming to mobiles near you and they’ll kill the stand alone iPod. Despite this, I’m getting an iPod Touch shortly – so deliciously retro!

Another stat was a forecast that 50% of phones will have GPS in 5 years. In developed markets presumably. But LBS could be about to enter take-off on that basis – and about time too!

The final one was not about mobile so much as the web itself. Comparing 2007 top sites (according to Alexa, which is obviously skewed in results terms) to 2005, eBay, Amazon,, (not .com), AOL and had all dropped out of the Top 10. New kids on the block were YouTube, Facebook, Orkut, Wikipedia, and

This is amazing as it proves that the web ecosystem is still evolving very fast. The giants of today can’t sit on their laurels and there’s plenty of opportunity for new start-ups to take on and win against the behemoths of today.

I also have no doubt that many of these self-same mega-successes, cool and Web2.0y that they are, will fail to make the leap into mobile, just as a new wave of companies trounced the traditional media incumbents just a few years ago. A case in point; if you try to sign up for Facebook on your mobile, do you know what happens? They tell you to go and use a PC. Hmmm…

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