Spooky Spy Service

160 Characters writes about a very nasty mobile application that sounds like it’s a James Bond fantasy, but turns out to be apparently genuine.

It’s an application that gets installed on your phone and automatically and undetectably sends a copy of all inbound and outbound sms to a third party, as well as the facility to list all calls made and received and location information. It’s also not detectable as a virus, so a virus scan won’t get rid of it. And if you do want to make sure that your phone is completely clean merely as a precaution, you have to re-install your mobile’s factory settings, thereby wiping any data that happens to be on there, including your address book.

It can also be installed via Bluetooth, which is really nasty. So next time you’re tempted to download one of those innocent looking marketing messages via Bluetooth, what you might be accepting is one of these things – I’ve pointed out this danger before.

The app costs $129 and the company claims that the software:

can be used to check a wayward spouse’s phone, see if your teenager is dealing drugs or has fallen in with the wrong crowd, …. see if employees are sharing secrets and keep track of members of a sales force…

The makers do helpfully point out that using their application might just be illegal in your country. Which is pretty big of them.

I wrote the other day that the downside of technology is that it brings to life the 24/7 surveillance and sousveillance envisaged in Orwell’s 1984. Make no mistake – this software in the hands of an extremist government will cost people their lives.

What a nice business to be in.

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