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Steve Jobs Takes The Jedi Mind Trick Roadshow To The UK

You might have heard that O2 will sell the iPhone in the UK, reportedly giving up a staggering 40 percent revenue share from iPhone users to Apple. It’s the same 2.5G iPhone that’s available in the US with no new features, and the price is pretty steep. Tarek Abu-Esber gives a good rundown of the […]

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Femtocells/FMC Taking Hold in the US

A lot of companies have been talking for a while about femtocells — tiny base stations users could put in their home or office, and which use a broadband internet connection for backhaul. The idea is that they can improve in-building coverage and offer cheaper phone calls, since they can travel over the internet rather […]

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The Mobile Map Killer

I was packing this morning to come to London to speak at the Mobile Web 2.0 conference tomorrow and go to the Mobile Entertainment Awards – AdMob is up for another one, so I hope we’ll see a repeat of our Meffy’s triumph. By the way, if you’re going to either or both, please come […]

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Google’s Mobile Advertising Launch Disappointing

I thought I’d chime in to express how disappointing Google’s first foray into mobile advertising is, on a number of different levels. Frankly, it’s about as disappointing as finding out that the fabled GPhone turns out to be two tin cans and a bit of string – actually, it could also be argued that this […]

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iPhone Unlocked — About Damn Time!

I’ve been curious to have an extended play with the iPhone since it was announced. But the high price and AT&T exclusivity were a real deterrent. However, when the price of the 4GB model got slashed last week to $299, and unlocking tools were on the horizon, I decided to take the plunge. Now, finally, […]

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