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Back in the Saddle and Thoughts on Transport Technology

Many thanks to Carlo for holding things together while I was away for the last two weeks on holiday. I’ve been on an activity holiday, doing stuff like canyoning (that’s me on the right), white water rafting and kayaking. Sounds rather macho, except that everything I did, my kids did too. On a more tech […]

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Location Based Services Still Searching For A Market

I noted a little while ago that Russell Beattie is back from his blogging hiatus, and if you haven’t bookmarked his site or subscribed to his feed, you should. He’s got a great post on consumer-focused location based services this week, which he succinctly sums up by saying “Most LBS applications are a black hole […]

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Wonder If He’s Available For Work In Movie Theaters…

Apparently a Japanese macaque monkey at a zoo in Russia isn’t a fan of cameraphones, as it’s taken to grabbing them out of people’s hands (via Picturephoning) when they try to snap pictures of him and his family. He’s already taken a dozen handsets, only some of which have been recovered intact. Could this evolve […]

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The Question of Touchscreens

While mobile devices with touchscreens have been around for a long time, the launch of the iPhone has brought renewed focus on the debate about whether touchscreen-based user interfaces are an optimal solution for the mobile space. Of course, this isn’t an either/or debate: even the most ardent fan of touchscreens should realize that they’re […]

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8 Things

I’ve been trying to come up with 8 reasonably interesting things about myself since Rudy de Waele tagged me with this meme a while back. I’m not generally too good at these things, so here goes with 8 semi-interesting things (hopefully) you didn’t know about me. 1. Despite having a solidly Italian name, and being […]

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