Thanks to Mike Masnick for the tip: the infamous “Dietrich” from the Stefan Eriksson of Gizmondo Ferrari crash has been located! Eriksson (pictured here) originally claimed that “a German man called Dietrich” was driving the million-dollar Ferrari Enzo when it crashed, and he fled the scene after the wreck. An extensive search never turned up this Dietrich fellow, but now LA County authorities say he’s actually one Trevor Karney, who they picked up this week on misdemeanor charges of drunk driving, resisting arrest and giving false information to a police officer, along with a possible federal immigration violation.

Karney was originally at the scene of the wreck, and claimed he was driving through the locale at the time, and that he saw Dietrich run off. Authorities now believe Karney was photographing Eriksson drive the Enzo at speeds over 160 mph when the crash occured.

I know we can all sleep easier knowing that Dietrich is no longer terrorizing the western United States. Somehow, though, I doubt this story is actually finished.

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