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What Are People Searching For?

m-spatial provide white label local search for the likes of Orange, O2 and Vodafone, as well as personal navigation devices. They’ve just announced a list of the terms users are most frequently searching for on their mobiles. While they don’t release actual figures, monthly searches are in the millions, so the numbers are statistically significant. […]

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Most Overhyped Mobile Tech

Strand Consulting is one of the analysts who really get mobile, so it was interesting to read over at 160 Characters their take on the current 7 most overhyped mobile technologies. It’s also nice to see that their views are pretty much aligned with MobHappy’s – or should that be the other way around? Click […]

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Happy Slapping Hits Panorama – Follow Up

A couple of weeks back I highlighted the problem of videos of violent real-life incidents being uploaded to YouTube and other far more insalubrious and exploitative video sharing sites. It was only a matter of time before Members of Parliament started to call for a banning of these videos and this happened today, as reported […]

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The Black Swan Comes to TV Phone Ins

I’m reading the fascinating “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It’s very readable, though contains some complex theory, but the central theme is the difficulty of predicting random events (Black Swans), especially when your guide is history. One example is a turkey, who builds up trust in the […]

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A Note About Comments

Like most other blogs, we have to deal with comment spam. Tons of it — on the order of 1000s of messages and attempts per day. We have a few anti-spam measures in place, but some still manages to get through, which is frustrating. Our blog isn’t intended to provide scummy comment spammers with space […]

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