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Pimp My Ringtone

Singtones offer the ultimate ringtone customisation, even more so than Orgasmatones (whatever happened to them?) with the added benefit that you wouldn’t be embarrassed if your Mum heard it. Singtones offer you the ability to record your very own version of a well known song. Then the software “fixes” those with dodgy or tone deaf […]

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The People’s Phone

Tony Blair, the UK’s recently ex-Prime Minister, is having to get used to living like the rest of us. As well as being puzzled why his driver (he’s still got one, so no need to feel too sorry for Tone) now stops at red lights, he’s got his first mobile phone. And he’s having to […]

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It’s The Prejudice, Stupid

Tomi Ahonen launches into an inimitable rant today, condemning Sprint Nextel in the US for sacking 1,000 customers. The problem? It seems that the “Sprint 1000”, as they shall no doubt become known in the Blogosphere, are people who call their call centre more than 40 times a month. Read Tomi for the whole shebang. […]

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The Original Ringtone

Prompted by our visit to yesteryear with the Notificator, I started browsing last night through some of the other images on Modern Mechanix. How about the very first ringtone dating back to the 1950’s? And the first video phone from 1956, which became about as popular as person-to-person video calls are today. In case you […]

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The iPhone and Operators

Interesting thoughts from Gustaf Erikson on the push for people to “unlock” the iPhone, which at this point entails rendering its telephony functions useless rather than making it possible to use on any operator’s network: What this illustrates is the chasm between Apple’s image and AT&T’s. People are somehow convinced that AT&T subtracts value from […]

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