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Nokia Buys Media-Sharing Site Twango

The WSJ is reporting that Nokia will announce on Tuesday that it’s bought a media-sharing site called Twango. I’ve not heard of it before, and when I tried to visit the site I was greeted with a message saying it was down for maintenance (or perhaps a Nokia rebranding), though the Journal says it’s like […]

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New Phones for Old Follow Up

Back in March, I greeted the launch of Emporio’s phone for old folks with little scepticism. After all, would people over 50 (some still surprisingly youthful) really want a phone that labeled themselves old farts, unable to cope with technology? Surely, if such a phone were needed, a more subtle approach is called for. Well, […]

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Save Business 2.0

Business 2.0 is one of my favourite business reads for ideas and coverage of what’s going on at the bleeding edge of today’s commercial trends. It also has a ridiculously influential readership, from what I can see. But plummeting adsales is causing parent, Time Inc, to think about shutting it down. Josh Quittner, the editor, […]

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An Alternative Approach to Customer Care

Last week, I wrote about Sprint Nextel’s decision to fire 1,000 of its customers, who were using its call centre too much. It’s certainly one approach to customer care. I’m currently reading Allan Leighton’s book “On Leadership” and he tells a story about Dyson, the plucky little British company that took on and consistently wins […]

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Hate To Say I Told You So

I haven’t said a whole lot about Motorola’s (mis)fortunes lately, apart from a post in May that echoed what I’d been saying for almost two years — that the company needed to move on from the RAZR and come up with something to replace it. But this week, the company said that it would miss […]

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