Save Business 2.0

Business 2.0 is one of my favourite business reads for ideas and coverage of what’s going on at the bleeding edge of today’s commercial trends. It also has a ridiculously influential readership, from what I can see.

But plummeting adsales is causing parent, Time Inc, to think about shutting it down.

Josh Quittner, the editor, is fighting to save it. On the basis that he’s one of the few people who have refused to join my LinkedIn network and twice declined proposals for articles that I pitched him, I don’t see why I should help. Except that it is an exceptionally good product and I’d hate to see it die.

So, if you like the mag too, show your support by signing up to the Facebook group “I read Business 2.0 – and I want to keep reading!”. If you’re not a member of Facebook (where have you been???) leave a comment here and I’ll pass it on for you.

Demonstrate the power of the Blogosphere and save this publication for the good of us all.

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