Text My T-Shirt

Back in August last year, I wrote about TextMarks, which I described as User Generated Shortcodes. Basically, the idea is that you can set up your own keyword on TextMarks’s shortcode (41411) and whoever sms’s that word in gets back a message of your own composition. So it might be a sort of Twitter like message, a link to today’s blog post or a restaurant could use it to let people find out what the daily special was.

They’ve now developed the idea into an interactive T-Shirt, available at Reactee, which takes the idea to a new level in user generated content. The idea is that you order a personalised message printed on a T-Shirt (“Hot or Not?” or “Ruff or Buff?” are obvious applications). People then text your keyword to 41411 in the same way and get back your pre-programmed message. You also get a copy of the message to your mobile.

Apart from the Ruff or Buff scenario (you’d have to be quite brave to go down this route), I think it could be an interesting way for charities to raise awareness and funds, as well as having useful applications for political parties. The sheer novelty of texting a person (OK their T-Shirt) would mean a higher level of interaction that doing the same thing on say, a billboard or leaflet. Anyone got any other ideas as to how it might be used?

It’s early days for Reactee, but apparently orders are flying out of the door. Only available in the US sadly.

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