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Happy Slapping Hits Panorama

It was ages ago that we were one of the first sources to identify Happy Slapping – back in January 2005, in fact. Since then, it’s grown from a tasteless prank – filming on a camera phone an unsuspecting victim’s reaction to being slapped on the cheek – to filming incredibly violent, illegal and unprovoked […]

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The Cord Continues to Fray

I’ve been writing for a long time now about how more and more people are cutting the cord, by ditching landlines and going exclusively mobile. And it seems the trend is accelerating reports El Reg. This also casts a big dollop of shiny doubt over the wisdom of any kind of quad play strategy. Consulting […]

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I Just Called To Say “I’m Thirsty”

The silly reason of news has arrived a little early with this story of thirsty plants phoning their owners to ask for more water. A group of post-grads at New York University, have been working on a project they call “Botanicals”, which consists on a water sensor in the soil, connecting over a wireless LAN […]

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The Mobile Projector

Motorola have announced that they’re going to build a prototype projector for mobile phones, according to to Sci Fi Tech. The resulting image will be about 15 inches (the same as a laptop) and will be better than DVD quality. Obviously, it is only a prototype we’re talking about here, so it might be 12 […]

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Ad-Funding Whinge

Informa’s Mobile Media (no link, it’s hard copy) reports from the recent Off-Deck Conference about a speech given by a Mr Oswin Eleonora of Acision (formerly known as LogicaCMG), in which he attacked the way that the mobile market has “become obsessed with the notion of ‘free’” and ad-funded content and services. His point is […]

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