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DuMoMo – Mobile Developing

Those of you based in Germany, might want to head over to the Dusseldorf Mobile Monday on 18th June, where the theme is Mobile Developing. There’s a great line up of speakers, including heavyweights from Nokia, Communology, Siemens, Vodafone and Sun Microsystems, followed by a round of furious networking, as usual. Make sure you reserve […]

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Child Tracking – Pointless Technology Escalation

There’s an article here about how new features on Japanese kids’ phones are causing worries in the airlines – as we all know the airlines are paranoid about how electronic stuff might interfere with planes’ navigation systems. And personally, I think a healthy level of paranoia is to be encouraged by airline management. I mean, […]

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UK Coupon Malredemption Coming to a Head

In the course of my varied career, much of¬†it was spent in the world of Promotional Marketing, working in specialist agencies and for quite a while, as a supplier to them. One of the issues that’s consistently been a big problem is coupon malredemption and it’s being raised by the UK Institute of Sales Promotion […]

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Are Mobile Apps Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

One of the pieces of wisdom currently flowing around the industry is that it’s incredibly hard to get¬†users to download mobile applications. It’s a refrain¬†I hear from everyone¬†from seasoned investors to rueful executives of companies who have staked their all on a compelling mobile app – after all while most users don’t download apps, it’s […]

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Vodafone UK, Doing A Lovely Job Of Supporting The Mobile Web By Breaking It

I’d written earlier about Vodafone UK’s new data tariffs, which appear to be a marginal improvement over their previous efforts, though they are a small step in the right direction. The new charges went into effect this week, as well as some other “improvements” to the mobile web experience for Vodafone users. Those improvements entail […]

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