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Steve Jobs: Doesn’t Get Mobile, Completely Full Of It, Or Both?

I was perfectly happy to largely ignore the iPhone and just find somebody else’s to play with, until a day or two ago. As Friday’s launch has neared, I’ve felt more and more inclind to get one — though the prospect of dropping $500 and being tied to AT&T for two years isn’t appealing at […]

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Rutberg Hits London

Rutberg & Co are an investment bank, who have a famously research-centric approach to life and put on great, small, intimate invitation-only conferences where networking is a major part of the agenda. I was lucky enough to be invited to today’s event in London to hear two panels speak about mobile convergence and UGC, respectively. […]

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User Generated Content Creators v Consumers

eMarketer has an analysis of how User Generated Content (UGC) creators stack up numberwise to those of us who merely passively consume the content. They’re obviously really only talking about the web at this stage, but since UGC is HOT for mobile too, it’s interesting to look at the overall trends, as an indicator of […]

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In the Meantime

While we wait to get things back in order here, you might want to have a look at the new blog set up by our friends at Phone Scoop. While their main site stays focused on the US handset market, they’re dialing up the introspection and opinion on the blog. Good stuff. —–>Follow us on […]

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Working to Restore Normal Service…

Do not adjust your set, things are looking very funny on MobHappy, thanks to a WordPress upgrade gone awry (well, thanks to an idiot performing a WordPress upgrade, really…). Anyhow, things will hopefully be back to normal soon. Of course, if you’re reading this in the RSS, you’re probably just scratching your head wondering what […]

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