Microsoft’s Break Up

No, not that sort of Break Up. They’ve launched a new video¬†in the last few days that encapsulates really very, very nicely what’s wrong with “old marketing” in 2 minutes and 6 seconds. Well worth a look.
The film shows lunch¬†between the old school advertiser and today’s “consumer”, concluding in the consumer rejecting all the advertisers’ inducements and walking out on him.
A very nice piece of work.
My only slight worry is that the implication¬†behind the¬†film is that Microsoft has all the answers for this old school advertiser – if only¬†he would listen! Well, it’s certainly true that using the Microsoft ad network (or any online network for that matter) should certainly be part of the solution for most brands these days. But that’s promoting the medium, not the message. In other words, the advertiser should think joined up online and integrated marketing campaigns, create a dialogue with the user (the days of the “consumer” are long gone) and engage them.
So is this the case of MS over-promising what they can deliver? Does it matter, or is creating dialogue and debate the real message here?
The other concern with this ground-breaking work (and it is ground breaking, I think) is that the rest of MS advertising doesn’t really¬†demonstrate this new understanding. I mean the Office Dinosaur campaign, with the implication that unless Microsoft customers upgrade (that’s most of you, people) you’re a dinosaur.
Anyway, my main point is that it’s nice work by a part of Microsoft that obviously “gets” it. Just a matter of time before it’s congruent with the rest of the company.

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