Location Based Marketing White Paper

Many of you have asked for my free White Paper on Location Based Marketing over the years and the feedback has been always very positive. It was primarily based on my experiences at ZagMe, running 1500 LBM campaigns to 85,000 opted-in users in the UK and it’s still the largest experiment (that I know about) into this whole area.

LBM is increasingly on the agenda, mainly as technology is catching up with marketers’ aspirations in this area, so it’s even more relevant today that when I wrote it three years ago.

I’ve recently revised and updated it, mainly by including some of my writings of the subject from MobHappy. So if you’d like a copy, drop me a line using the email address on the right of this page. If you’ve read it and pretty much everything else I’ve written here about LBM, there won’t be anything new for you. But if you haven’t seen it before, or only read the occasional post, or indeed have only just starting reading MobHappy, I think you’ll find it useful.

If you’re an entrepreneur with ambitions in LBM, please, please read it as it’ll save you very painful lessons and might just end up saving you an awful lot of money to boot.

The same applies for VCs considering an investment in this area. Seriously, don’t do it without at least considering what I have to say – you’ll thank me for it.

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