Wisdom of the Footie Crowd

MyFootBallClub¬†¬†(via Springwise) is a rather brilliant idea that could just work, admittedly with a bit of a¬†following wind. You sign up, pledging to give ¬£35 (about $70) when requested. Then, when 50,000 fellow enthusiasts have joined too, they’ll buy an English football club, or soccer club, to you Americans.
The ¬£1.75 million clearly isn’t going to buy you a Man U or Chelsea, but might well get a debt-free club from a lower division.
But the fun doesn’t end there. As an owner, you’ll have a say in how the Club is managed from team selection and formation, tactics on the day and even substitutions. You’ll even get a say in player purchases and transfers and other forms of club expenditures, like the percentage of funds going into the youth team.
The site doesn’t actually say so, but the mobile is going to¬†have to take on the classic Centre Forward¬†position in this process. I mean, they can’t have people dashing home from matches to vote for substitutions in the middle of a match.
If this takes off, it’ll be a classic experiment about if the wisdom of the crowd really can take on the wisdom of other individual managers.
Speaking of footie, here’s an opportunity for a huge digression. The best footie chant¬†I ever heard of¬†was in a match when Leeds United were playing Manchester United. The Man U fans kept chanting¬† “He’s French, he’s flash, he’s shagging Lesley Ash, Cantona Cantona” It transpired that Eric Cantona (Leeds) was shagging Lesley Ash (C-list actress) who was married to Lee Chapman, who was errr….Captain of Leeds United.
Leave a comment if you’ve got a better one.

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