Moto Says Z8 Isn’t A One-Off

I’m here in San Francisco today for the UIQ Fast Track developer event (give me a shout if you’re here too), and a Moto VP is giving a talk right now. He’s talking up the Z8, the company’s UIQ handset which was announced at 3GSM a few months back — and looks pretty fantastic. Now, with an eye on tomorrow’s product announcements that MOTOCEO Ed ZNDR mentioned last week, a couple more points on the Z8. First, it will apparently begin shipping mid-June, but more interestingly, the exec says the Z8 isn’t a “one-off” device, and that Motorola has invested too much in the platform to simply create a single product with it.

I’m still cautious ahead of Moto’s announcement tomorrow — but if the company can build on the promise of the Z8 and deliver a raft of similarly powerful, attractive and ultimately cool devices, perhaps they can turn things around. I’m expecting to see some devices that build on the RAZR by getting thinner and thinner, but I’m hoping to see some devices that build on the Z8’s heavy feature set.

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