Motorola Still Missing The Point?

Motorola’s CEO Ed Zander’s been busy fending off the advances of activist investor Carl Icahn, who was looking to make Zander and the company’s management accountable for its missteps. It’s been quite obvious for a long time that the company didn’t have anything to build on the success of the RAZR, and now it’s feeling it. But the MOTOCEO has been trying to deflect some of the criticism by saying the company will announce some new 3G devices next week.

Apparently at an event in California this morning, ZNDR said that one of the devices will play 30 fps video, with the ability to watch high-quality movies from an SD card. That’s great; can’t wait to see it. But it sounds like another sign that the company is fundamentally lost.

When the rest of the mobile industry is focused on giving people better mobile tools to create and share media, Zander and Motorola are apparently more concerned with giving them tools to just consume it. Mobile users aren’t consumers anymore, they’re creators. If Motorola can’t grasp that, its future is bleak.

Update: I should have made it clearer that the ability to play 30 fps video isn’t particularly groundbreaking, as several handsets can already do it — including, as has been pointed out to me, the Motorola Z8, which was announced back at 3GSM in February. So is Zander going to re-announce the Z8 like it’s new, or is he just out of the loop with what the company’s doing?

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