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Plane Text

Quantas announced this week that they are going to allow passengers to send sms during internal flights in Australia, according to 160 Characters, among others. Well, at least they’ll test it on one plane for 12 months. This is a smart move. Firstly, as you’re not going to be sitting next to some load mouthed […]

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Russell Beattie’s Back With A New Project — Mowser

Russell Beattie’s Back With A New Project — Mowser

Russell Beattie’s been busy since he quit blogging last year, he’s just been a little more quiet about it. However, he’s announced a new project, Mowser. It’s a combination of a transcoder (so mobile users can visit full HTML sites), a directory of mobile-friendly sites, and keywords (delivering quick access to certain sites and information […]

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Making Poverty History

A few weeks back, I was interviewed by Cameron Reilly, on his Podcast, G’Day World. After we got through the normal mobile marketing stuff, we got a bit more eclectic and I told the story of John Newman, which I knew would be the kind of thing Cam likes – and presumably his audience. John […]

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Future Technologies and Forum Oxford

On Friday, I went to ForumOxford’s Future Technologies Conference in Oxford (England) as a speaker and sponsor, but also as an active member of the Forum (apparently one of the most active, which surprised me)¬†and as a delegate, eager to learn new things and network with others in the mobile industry. It didn’t disappoint on […]

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The Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge Effect

My Prediction 5 for this year was that “anyone with a contract who wants a flat rate data package by the end of 2007 will get one” in Europe. While this seemed quite bullish at the time, Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge’s little fictitious character seems to have taken his finger out of the dyke and […]

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