Calling All US UIQ Developers

uiq.jpg The fine folks at UIQ dropped me a note to share some details about their upcoming Fast Track events for developers over here in the US. They’re taking place May 10-11 in Boston, and May 14-15 in San Francisco, and are designed to provide developers and biz dev types with technical and commercial information about developing for the UIQ platform.

The intention is that developers can walk away from the events with everything they need to get started developing on UIQ 3 — technical and business guidance, a useful set of contacts, and the software and hardware to start coding immediately. Every attendee will get a UIQ Starter Kit, with all kinds of good stuff in it, including a UIQ 3 phone from Motorola or Sony Ericsson, which makes it well worth the $149 fee.

If you’re interested, visit for more info and to register, as spaces are limited.

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