Mobile Content v Web Content

Although the lines between the two webs are blurring, there still are two webs for most intents and purposes. So when I caught up with Patrick Parodi at MIP TV last week, I was interested in a stat he threw out in his role as Chairman of the MEF, as opposed to his day job, as CMO of Amobee.

Worldwide size of the mobile content market: $20 billion

Worldwide size of the internet content market: $4 billion

My first reaction, was “wow, that’s impressive”. And of course, it’s still early days for mobile content – as it is for web content for that matter. So to pronounce trends on the basis of a few scant years might be foolhardy.

Many would, however, seize this as evidence of that old industry saw that whereas people have consistently refused to pay for web based content, they’re “happy” to pay for mobile content.

I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t go so far to say the industry has peaked just yet, but I don’t think the future will be anywhere near as easy – nor as profitable as things have been in the past.



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