The Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge Effect

My Prediction 5 for this year was that “anyone with a contract who wants a flat rate data package by the end of 2007 will get one” in Europe. While this seemed quite bullish at the time, Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge’s little fictitious character seems to have taken his finger out of the dyke and the flood of all-you-can eat plans is really happening.

Peggy Anne Salz reports¬†that Vodafone is introducing flat rate data packages, following on from T-Mobile and 3’s¬†X Series. The story was originally reported by Alex Farber at New Media Age, but no point in clicking there, as it’s hidden behind a subscription wall. Perhaps new editor, Justin Pearse, will end this curious 20th Century practice of hiding old news, but making new news fully available.

Then we have more news from 3¬†(via Peggy) that 3 have introduced a GBP 5 (9.90 of your US Dollars) “unlimited” package that turns out to be restricted to 1GB a month, which doesn’t seem enough to warrant the unlimited tag. But, no matter, it’s a move in the right direction.

So, it seems that the mobile web is just about to really take off now and about time too. Stand by for more announcements, especially from O2 and Orange. 

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