Bluespamming Debate Rages On, Online and at Swedish Beers

We’ve written plenty about Bluespamming in the past, and it never fails to evoke some passionate responses from people on both sides. Helen Keegan’s going over it again on her site, focusing on yet another story touting the success of Bluespamming in apparent conflict with the comments of the people hit by the messages. The debate rages on, but legality of the messages aside, it doesn’t seem it’s a particularly effective way to attract customers.

In any case, she’s glad to carry the conversation on further, either on her site or at the next Swedish Beers event in London on Wednesday. It’s our favorite mobile networking event, and not just because it’s got the word “beer” in the title. If I weren’t here in Vegas, I’d be there for certain so pop along and talk to all the other nice folks, and put your beer on my tab (then make sure you’re not the last one there).

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