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Beware the MobHappy Porn!

Beware the MobHappy Porn!

pornhappy Originally uploaded by postneo. Apparently the Wi-Fi provider at the Kansas City airport thinks we’re not safe for public consumption because MobHappy is a porn site. If only that (and the profits mobile phone fetish porn could bring!) were true… I guess I could insert some pithy comment of this as an example of […]

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France Tries To Ban Happy Slapping Videos, But Guts Eyewitness Photos And Videos In the Process

This story’s been kicking around for a few days, but it’s worth posting. A new law’s been approved in France that’s aimed at criminalizing happy slapping — the disgusting practice of filming assaults (generally with a mobile phone) on innocent, unsuspecting people — by making it illegal to film or broadcast acts of violence unless […]

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FlipSwap is in Tune with the Zeitgeist

Humans are odd animals. There seems to be an innate need to believe things in black and white, rather than shades of grey. And the current belief is that Climate Change is now happening and we must all DO OUR BIT. If you ask most people about the actual evidence, they point to random and […]

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A Couple of Follow Ups – Bono and Hotxt

A couple of follow ups from previous postings caught my eye. Firstly, we have the sad news from Ad Age that Bono’s ambitious Red campaign has only raised $18 million dollars so far, despite spending over $100 million on marketing. Why would that be? Well, it’s nothing to do with the hugeness of the idea, […]

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MMA Board Elections

Sorry for the lack of posting last week – I was really wiped out by ‘flu. This was the real stuff, not man ‘flu (a slight cold) or beer ‘flu, or anything like that. Still feel a bit wobbly and achy, but hopefully, the worst is over. As many of you might have noticed, the […]

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