Sleepless in San Francisco

It’s 4 in the morning in San Fransisco and I’m wide awake and jet lagged. So, what better moment to share a bunch of news with you.

In no particular order:


You can listen to Cameron Reilly’s Podcast¬†chat with me over at G’Day World. It was great to do as Cam produces my favourite Podcast – very eclectic, ranging across all kinds of stuff from futurism, Big Questions, Singularity. You never know quite what to expect, but it’s invariably interesting and makes you think.

Cam and I talked about mobile marketing and veered off into some other stuff at the end ranging from veganism to solving world hunger.

I haven’t actually listened to it yet, mainly due to travelling, but also as I’m not quite convinced that Podcasting is my medium. The lack of a delete button takes some getting used to. But any feedback, good and bad, would be welcome – especially bad 🙂 Carlo and I have been talking about Podcasting for ages now, so if you liked it, maybe we could do some more.


I’m in The Valley right now until Wednesday. So if you’re in the area, let’s meet. Have plenty of time over the weekend, though the rest is looking quite booked up now. Still some time slots though.

I’m delighted to be speaking at the ForumOxford¬†Future Technologies conference on 13th April. Say Hi if you’re there too and no heckling please.

I’m also going to try to make it to Swedish Beers on 11th April, if at all possible.

The week after I’m¬†in Cannes, speaking at miptv, a huge exhibition¬†which is¬†”the global content event for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content across all platforms”. There’s a conference about mobile marketing as ad-funded and ad-subsidised content is high on the agenda for this industry.

Josepth Jaffe, the post-modern marketer (my phrase) is giving a keynote, so I’m going to try to grab a coffee or beer with him too, as I’m also a big fan of his Across the Sound Podcast.


Hardly a scoop anymore, but AdMob scored a $15 million Series B funding round¬†from Accel Partners¬†with Sequoia (our original investors) coming in again, which is a great endorsement. AdMob is going from strength to strength, but there’s big challenges ahead. Being a hot new startup is one thing but scaling to the next level is a different ballgame. However,¬†we have a great team in place and¬†the timing seems to be right, so fingers crossed.


If y’all wondering where Carlo is, he’s moving to Las Vegas. Normal service will resume shortly




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