Global Peer Awards

On Monday, here at 3GSM, we had the Global Peer Awards, run my Mobile Monday. It was also the opportunity to vote for the Carnival of the Mobilists Host of the Year, won by Rudy De Waele Рcongrats, Rudy!

The Global Peer awards was the chance for 23 companies, chosen by Mobile Monday chapters throughout the world, to present their companies in 3 minutes. Then a panel of judges (including Carlo and me) got to choose a winner, as did the audience and a panel consisting of the Mobile Monday chapters themselves.

While the overall quality of companies participating was high, I felt that some of the companies could have presented their cases better. While many were¬†talking in a foreign language (ie English) they should have sharpened their pitch and done more rehearsals – in some cases, I just didn’t understand what the companies did at all. Others, who I know to be excellent products failed to do themselves justice and didn’t feature highly in the results as they just couldn’t get across the essence of their service or application.

This isn’t a complaint – more some advice for future presenters next year. I think it would also have been better to have a first round of elimination before the event, so that we could see perhaps 10 presenters for say, 5 minutes.

The judges’ choice was Real Eyes 3D, a French company, which oddly doesn’t seem to have the winning product on their website. Unless I’ve missed it anyway. However, the idea is a way of navigating around the web, by using the whole phone. So, imagine looking at a Google map. You’d navigate to a different part of the map by moving the phone left, right, up or down. Very cool and potentially a game changer for navigation.

Other awards were from the audience, which was Plazes and Mobile Complete, from the Chapter leaders. Plazes it totally cool, but one that really failed to do itself justice – sorry. So it was hard to convince the the judges that it was worth considering.

Mobile Complete offer great online testing tools for mobiles and have a solid future, with the potential to wrap up all the mobile developers in the world. Though I have very severe doubts about their idea that it has a potential for ordinary users. The idea is that you can go online and try out the features of new phones before you buy them. Seems like wishful thinking to me, without detracting from potential of the core testing business.

3GSM is proving to be a fantastic show for AdMob. Though, when did it become normal for everyone to start every sentence with “So…”? Has anyone else noticed this, I wonder?

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