MobHappy at 3GSM


Russell and I will both be in Barcelona next week for the 3GSM World Congress, the industry’s biggest annual confab. My schedule is already pretty tight, and so is Russell’s, but if you want to meet up or show something off, feel free to drop me an email I’ll see if we can’t work something out.

Here, though, are some activities during the week that have garnered the MobHappy seal of approval, and at which there’s a good chance you might find one or both of us:

Mobile Sunday Barcelona, an informal pre-3GSM gathering of mobile bloggers and all sorts of other folks that kicks off Sunday at 6pm. It was a pretty fantastic and very laid-back time last year, and it looks like there will be a good crowd again.

Swedish Beers, the London-based mobile networking crew so ably organized by Helen Keegan, is also again meeting up in Barcelona on Tuesday night at 6:30pm, and it promises, as always, a good time.

The Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards are Monday afternoon, and Russell and I are part of the esteemed jury determining one of the awards. It sounds like this free event is nearly full, so if you’re interested, head on over and RSVP.

Feel free to leave any other events or parties of your own in the comments!

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