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Send In Those Carnival Entries!

David Beers is getting together this week’s Carnival of the Mobilists (yes, it’s a few days late) at his Software Everywhere blog, and needs more entries — so send them in ASAP to —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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Let the 3GSM Recovery and Chin-Stroking Begin

Let the 3GSM Recovery and Chin-Stroking Begin

Finally getting over a bad case of jet lag and a bug I picked up in Barcelona, so it’s time to think back over last week a bit. A few initial thoughts: I’m still so glad that 3GSM left Cannes and moved to Barcelona, it’s better in pretty much every way in my estimation. 3GSM […]

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GPS Makes Safer Drivers

An article in Springwise suggests that drivers with GPS are safer than their locationally challenged counterparts. Across 115,197 rental cars, non-GPS cars had a 12% higher chance of an accident and damaged cars were 5% more costly to repair. Though why they should hit stuff harder, isn’t easy to explain. This is in spite of […]

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Make Your Pitch

During 3GSM, it was interesting to find so many Venture Capitalists who read MobHappy, at least occasionally. This struck me as an opportunity for our readers to attract interest in their company in a short and pithy way ‚Äì commonly known as an Elevator Pitch. Heaven knows if it‚Äôll work or not, but I thought […]

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Global Peer Awards

On Monday,¬†here at 3GSM, we had the Global Peer Awards, run my Mobile Monday. It was also the opportunity to vote for the Carnival of the Mobilists Host of the Year, won by Rudy De Waele – congrats, Rudy! The Global Peer awards was the chance for 23 companies, chosen by Mobile Monday chapters throughout […]

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