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Obstacles To Innovation

Reading all the 2006 recaps and 2007 predictions (and writing my own) has put me in something of a big-picture frame of mind lately. It’s far easier to focus on the things the mobile industry tosses up each day, like a new device or service, rather than keep the bigger picture in mind. This all […]

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Carnival 58 at TomSoft

Thomas Landspurg has Carnival 58 up at his TomSoft site, so be sure to check it out for week’s best writing about mobile. —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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Hooray for Spammers

You might have noticed that we’ve been having some troubles staying up today. It would appear that this is due to an onslaught of comment spam, causing the site to eat up resources on the shared server we use, which tripped some limits at the hosting provider and led them to choke the site. The […]

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2007 Predictions 8 and 9

Here‚Äôs¬†my penultimate¬†burst of predictions for this year ‚Äì don‚Äôt forget to add yours in a comment or link from your own blog. ¬† Prediction 8 ‚Äì Mobile Payments ¬† Carlo has already given his take on mobile payments next year and to a large extent I agree with him that the future probably lies with […]

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2007 Predictions

As Russell promised, here are my predictions for 2007 following my stellar performance last year. You get all ten of mine in one go, though. Be sure to add your own predictions, or link to them elsewhere, in the comments. 1. Lots of mobile TV hype, but little in the way of actual success. CES […]

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