Bits and Pieces

Carnival of the Mobilists 59 is up at Xellular Identity, so go check it out.

Rudy de Waele has launched a wiki to track Mobile 2.0 companies at I’ve helped him get started with some of the intro text, so be sure to head over there, have a look around and perhaps make some contributions — particularly if you’ve got a company working on a mobile 2.0 app or service.

In more Rudy news, he and Stuart Mudie are putting together another informal get-together the Sunday night before 3GSM begins in Barcelona. Last year’s was a great time, and it looks like things are coming together nicely for this year’s event. Check the wiki for more info.

One last thought: “I don’t know how much sense it makes to charge people twice to listen to something on two different devices,” says an analyst. Says Mike Rowehl: “Do my ears deceive me, or did that sound like an acknowledgment of the existence of the possibility that the problem might be that the perceived value of the product being delivered is below the price being asked?”

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