iPhone Thoughts Part 2

pistols.jpgWell, what is there to say that hasn’t been said already, both by Carlo here and everywhere else on the web?

Great product, great showmanship, can’t wait to try it.

I do have a couple of thoughts though.

On the downside, outside the US, as Tomi points out, the killer app on mobiles is still dear old sms. Despite being dominant, it’s still growing like crazy. So just how easy will the iPhone be to send sms? If it’s not at least as easy to use as the mobile we know today, this is simply not going to get traction in the all important youth market outside America.

Now, you could argue that at those prices that youth groups outside the US are not very high on the priority list. But to conquer any kind of mass market eventually, this constituency will have to be addressed.

Which kind of leads me to another point. I’d be intrigued to know who Apple’s marketing department are targeting with this phone/MP3 player – actually, it’s more of an MP3 player that makes phone calls, I’d suggest. It’s clearly revolutionary in many ways. But outside gadget fanboys, who’s going to want one? Sure, I realise that most of MobHappians will want one, but is that enough? It’s a genuine question and maybe there are enough gadget freaks out there.

Mr Jobs’ “All we need is a 1% share” approach to this is also a little strange¬†- if he’d come up with that kind of remark pitching to VCs or in a grad school business plan, he’d have been thrown out 🙂

And there doesn’t seem to be a 3G version, which is strange, given the stress placed on the importance of accessing the web.

My gut feel verdict on the iPhone though,¬†is that it’s be like the Sex Pistols of the music industry. Hugely disruptive, headline stealing and immensely influential, but ultimately, others will come along who’ll take the good bits, dominate the market and make most of the money. I hope it’s not true, as I’d love to see Apple take nice slice of the market on a long term basis. Their design flair alone would make that a fine thing for us all.

Finally, I was intrigued to hear that they’d been planning this for 2 1/2 years, which is precisely when I started suggesting it might make sense. Apart from them buying the iPhone.org url back then(!)¬†my thinking at that time was that convergence would kill the iPod and since Apple makes its profits from the hardware¬†(and no real money from the software -iTunes), they simply had to go into phones or ultimately give up on this golden goose. Seems like they came to the same conclusion at the same time, but I bet¬†it’s taken them a lot longer than they wanted to get this baby to market.

Anyway, a fine job, Apple and put me down for one please.

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