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Carnival 60 at Mobbu

Rod McLaren has Carnival 60 up at Mobbu, so be sure to check it out for week’s best writing about mobile. —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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Accept Connection From “More Bluespamming Debate”?

Some interesting discussion has sprouted around my post on Bluespamming from Friday: Ewan Macleod: It’s an ugly, ugly message that most consumers don’t care for. It’s then a hugely underwhelming experience — to be sent a 100×100 shite image. Or some blocky video. You have to pair with the sodding device. It’s just……… it’s a […]

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AdMob Hits One Billion

If you’re not from around these parts, you might not know that my day job is working for AdMob, where I’m MD of Europe. I try to keep that from impinging on what I write on MobHappy, but sometimes I think there’s some stuff that you’ll find interesting and today is one such instance. AdMob¬†served […]

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More on Bluespamming

Bluespamming continues to live on: using Bluetooth to distribute marketing content, but doing it responsibly, makes it ridiculously obtuse for interested users. So what’s a company to do? Ignore best practices and just bluespam, or ping every visible Bluetooth connection within site. Mobile Marketing Magazine says that a company was running a Bluespamming… er, Bluecasting […]

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How Mobile Operators Could Beat YouTube

How Mobile Operators Could Beat YouTube

Vodafone apparently plans to launch a user-generated video service at CeBIT in March, which will let users upload their own videos from their handsets, then pay them every time somebody else watches it. That sounds like a great idea… though 3 UK beat them to the punch more than a year ago with its quite […]

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