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Is It Really A Music Phone?

Another post about the small things: can mobile phones really be considered viable and attractive music players as long as they don’t easily accept standard headphones? I’ve found this issue personally annoying for a long time, since I find most standard earphones very uncomfortable, if they’ll even fit in my ears. But I think it’s […]

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Here’s Your Typical International Roaming Charge Complaint

When I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, I noted that the industry still manages to get hung up by small things, like shoddy SMS interconnects. Today, my T-Mobile bill arrived in the mail, bringing with it the inevitable feelings of regret that I actually bothered to use the phone while I was there. […]

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KLM Gets In On The Bluespamming Fun

Dutch airline KLM is launching an exciting trial of a new marketing program at its Amsterdam Schipol airport base, where it sends users fantastic messages telling them they should check in online, via Bluetooth to their mobile. Set up by a company called Lost Boys, it’s got the innovative name of… Bluecasting. “Travelers who are […]

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Bluetooth File Sharing IS Happening

One of the issues I’ve been banging about for the last three years is that kids are using Bluetooth to share music and ringtones. This has been met with widespread scepticism among ye of little faith. New research commissioned by our friends at New Media Age released today shows that the tsunami I was talking […]

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Kiva – Just Wow!

A very, very indirect link to mobile, but head on over to Kiva¬†right now and check it out if you pride yourself on having any kind of human values. Microfinance¬†has really exploded in the last few years, ever since the Grameen Bank pioneered the concept. Read more about Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus here, but […]

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