Carnival of the Mobilists – Best of the Year!

Sorry if you came here thinking you were actually going to read the Best Posts of the Year!

There’s been a lot of confusion about this final issue of the Carnival, so I decided to delay it until the New Year and kick things off with a bang. That’ll enable me to clarify what it’s all about and allow everyone to get their ducks in a row.

So, here goes….

The Best of the Year is exactly that. It’s your favourite post of the year chosen from your own blog written and written¬†about mobile. You don’t have to be a regular contributor. The original post also doesn’t have to have been in a previous Carnival.

You enter by sending an email to, with “Best Post of the Year” in the subject line. Only one post will be accepted per entry¬†and if you think I’m going to go through dozens of your favourites, let me disabuse you of that now – you’ll be disqualified.

The entry should include a link to the story and (if you feel like it) 25 words or so, explaining your choice.

I will then choose and post my favourite 10¬†entries – or maybe a few more if the haul is exceptionally juicy. Please don’t be offended if you don’t make the cut as competition will be hotly contested, as much as anything as there’s money at stake!

Khosla Ventures have generously agreed to give the winner $500 cash. And the winner will be voted on from my short list by the beloved readers of the Carnival themselves. The money is certainly nice, but think of the prestige!

If you’re a blogger, and you’re going to enter or not, please link to this post or a copy at¬†to pass the word. Let’s make the New Year start with a bang and create a truly memorable competition.

Entries must be in by 1st January and I’ll post the results on MobHappy by 11th January 2007. Don’t forget to enter!

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