KLM Gets In On The Bluespamming Fun

Dutch airline KLM is launching an exciting trial of a new marketing program at its Amsterdam Schipol airport base, where it sends users fantastic messages telling them they should check in online, via Bluetooth to their mobile. Set up by a company called Lost Boys, it’s got the innovative name of… Bluecasting.

“Travelers who are within range of the Bluetooth transmitter automatically receive messages from KLM, but only if they have activated the Bluetooth function on their electronic devices.”

So it’s good ol’ bluespamming then. Glad to see that new media agencies can still pitch the concept to companies and appear edgy and cool. Never fear, though: “The BlueCasting trial will run until February 4, 2007. KLM will subsequently assess whether passengers appreciate being approached in this manner and if further functionality can be added to enhance customer service.”

A few questions for KLM execs: You really think customers would appreciate this? First, it’s spam, and second, your message basically says “you should have checked in online rather than waiting in this line, moron”. What value does this message add for KLM customers, or anybody who happens to be in the airport, that get it? Russell’s the marketing expert around here, but I’d imagine people would better appreciate getting this message before they get to the airport, so they could actually use the online check-in facilities. Score another win for Bluetooth marketing…

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