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Mobile Myth Busting

There’s a number of myths about mobile, so this post may well turn into a series – if there’s a myth you’d like to bust, perhaps you’d like to leave a comment. However, I was put in mind of one of the most prevalent and enduring myths by a post over at Ewan’s incredibly prolific, […]

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Daniel Taylor: Let’s Address The Industry’s Failures, Not Ignore Them

MH pal Daniel Taylor of the Mobile Enterprise Alliance made an interesting and eloquent response to Russell’s earlier post on mobile web stats, and we thought it was worth pulling out and highlighting on its own. Daniel’s made some minor changes and kindly allowed us to reprint it as a post. Take it away, Daniel: […]

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Mobile Web Stats Disapointing

The Mobile Data Association has announced the latest quarterly stats¬†for mobile web usage. And, to be honest, they’re really disappointing. Why? Well, they’re meaningless. The main issue is that (like many such stats) they make no distinction between downloads and browsing, which is a big difference in user behaviour. Secondly, the headline of 40.7 million […]

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Reporo Revisited

This time last year, I reviewed a¬†mobile based shopping application – Reporo. On a visit to London last week, it was interesting to catch up with the company and see how they’d fared in the last year. In my original review, my main concern was how much of a demand there was for mobile-based shopping […]

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3, Oh How You Make Me Feel Conflicted

3, Oh How You Make Me Feel Conflicted

For a long time, it was pretty easy to poke holes in (and fun of) Hutchison’s 3G operator, 3. From the way Hutch MD Canning Fok conducted interviews, to its bone-headed insistence that video calls would lead users in droves to 3G, to its later shift to attract user by slashing the cost of the […]

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