Mobile Myth Busting

santa.jpgThere’s a number of myths about mobile, so this post may well turn into a series – if there’s a myth you’d like to bust, perhaps you’d like to leave a comment.

However, I was put in mind of one of the most prevalent and enduring myths by a post over at Ewan’s incredibly prolific, if¬†maybe tautologous,¬†SMS Text News. Apparently, 35% of US young adults say “they‚Äôve read or sent an e-mail or text message under the dinner table during a holiday family gathering”.

The myth in this case is that it’s hard to input text into a mobile phone. It may well be for you (and it certainly is for me, though my fingers nearly¬†fly over the qwerty keyboard on my Nokia E61). But to anyone who has actually grown up with a phone, that’s simply not the case.

These Digital Natives, really can input text for an sms or email, under the table, in the dark – without looking. And I think if you polled kids in Europe, the percentage would be even higher, as sms has been mainstream for that much longer.

So if you’re thinking about launching a mobile website, as an example, and you’re agonizing over a URL that’s “easy” to input on the mobile – really, don’t worry. It’s about as important as whether Santa gets gored to death by Rudolf this Christmas.

My other favourite myth is that while people demand free stuff on the web, they’re happy to pay through the nose for the same service or content on their mobile. To those people who believe that – don’t worry, I was only joking about Santa and Rudolf. Of course they’ll be bringing your Crimbo stocking stuffed full of goodies this year.

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