Stefan Eriksson Watch: Eriksson Pleads Guilty — Is It Over?


Just a few days after his trial on embezzlement and grand theft auto charges ended in a mistrial, Stefan Eriksson has accepted a plea bargain — pleading no contest to two counts of embezzlement and one count of illegal possession of a gun. Grand theft auto charges were dropped, but Eriksson was sentenced to three years in prison, though with time already served and other considerations, that’s likely to be cut down to a year or so (it’s not clear if this sentence includes his earlier guilty plea on drunk-driving charges). He’ll also be deported from the US once he’s out of prison, and his home has been seized and will be sold off to pay fines and restitution.

This might bring closure to this bizarre and public tale, but somehow I doubt we’ve heard the last of Eriksson: his attorney says “Stefan believes he can be successful in the future.” Perhaps the only question is what line of business he’ll target next.

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