Sony Ericsson Buying UIQ

Sony Ericsson has unsurprisingly decided to buy UIQ from Symbian. Apart from a few devices from other manufacturers, SE has been the only significant licensee of the platform, and there have been persistent rumors that it planned to roll out a wider range of consumer devices based on UIQ. This buy would seem to validate that view. Also, Sony Ericsson says UIQ will continue to operate as normal and openly license its software out to other phone makers, paralleling how S60 operates within Nokia. That’s an interesting development in itself, and it’s hard to see it as anything other positive for UIQ at this point. The timing’s also interesting, just a day after Vodafone announced it was making Windows Mobile part of its three-pronged OS strategy for the future (alongside S60 and Linux). Could they soon be adding a fourth platform (or just replacing Linux)?

Keep an eye on All About Symbian for more on this, since, as you’d expect, it’s right up their alley. Update: and like magic, there it is.

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