The Chronic Stupidity Of Telcos

Hard as it may be to believe, it gets tiresome pointing out the myriad flaws of telcos and mobile operators sometimes. There are so many, and their approach to fixing them is like squeezing a balloon: push things down in one area, and they pop up in another. So, after a while, you start to let things slide as the resignation sets in. Every once in a while, though, you see something so stupid from a telco, it makes you want to roll your chair back, and just bang your head on the desk.

USA Today – AT&T cable plan includes wireless:

Right now, advertising is limited on cellphones. Some of that owes to federal laws. But it’s also because carriers can’t figure out how to make phone advertising palatable to customers, Helbing [Scott Helbing, AT&T executive vice president of entertainment] says.

Under consideration: Ads integrated into cellphone ring tones. AT&T is also looking into acquiring content that can be used as an ad vehicle.

“This is a huge (revenue) opportunity,” Helbing says.

Ads. In Ringtones.

Maybe I will bang my head on my desk. It is unbelievable that the sheer stupidity of this idea hasn’t hit anybody at AT&T hard enough to take it off the table immediately. Then again, the company’s execs have quite the track record for verbal diarrhea.

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