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Personalised Vibration

Idea a Day¬†does what it says on the tin. You sign up and they send you an idea every day by email. Ideas are on all subjects, come from the readers and some of them are very good indeed. Day 2261 “Equip cell phones to allow personalised vibration sequences so that the user can identify […]

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Noo York

I’ll be in New York from 5th November for a few days, at Ad:Tech¬†if anyone fancies meeting up. Perhaps get together at a local watering hole to chat about all things mobile and anything else that springs to mind at the time. Sunday night would be good. —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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Web 3.0

Much as I hate all this 2.0 and 3.0 business, it does seem to have entered the popular vernacular, so what can you do? Just as every scandal has “-gate” rudely appended, we’re obviously stuck with these and can’t do much bur grin and bear it. That aside, I was listening to Cameron Reilly’s G’Day […]

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Mobile Web Day – Have Your Say

In my post yesterday about mobile web usage, I concluded¬†with a rather throw-away remark about having a Mobile Web Day – partly a celebration of where we are already and partly to evangelize to non-users and the press that it’s big, useful and mainstream, already. I reposted this over at the Oxford Forum and so […]

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SavaJe In Its Death Throes

Guy Kewney first reported the rumors last week, and now eWeek’s running a story saying that SavaJe, the developer of a Java mobile phone OS, is about to go under. This is hardly surprising, really — about this time last year I was surprised to find that the company was still in business, and I’ve […]

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