Worst Mobile URL Ever?

I’ve been messing around with Net News Wire and its ability to sync up to NewsGator Online, thinking that might be a nice way to read RSS feeds on my mobile device (something I don’t really do anyway, but still). So I get everything synced with a minimum of fuss, eventually located the page where I could set up the mobile version (which is here, if anybody is looking for it) and got it going. Then, it gives me this URL to hit from my mobile browser to access my feeds:


(The blurred out bit is part of a number that changes for each subscriber). Like the person who put the “It’s that easy” line on the stupidly difficult Bluetooth poster, NewsGator must be having a laugh. It makes you wonder if the person that thought that sort of URL was a good idea ever tried, you know, entering it on a mobile device. While I guess the effort here was to keep people from having to log in to a site each time, the decision to make that usability step results in this heinous URL. “But you’ll only ever have to enter it once…” I bet they think. I’m hard pressed to want to enter it at all.

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