Mobile Web Day – Have Your Say

In my post yesterday about mobile web usage, I concluded¬†with a rather throw-away remark about having a Mobile Web Day – partly a celebration of where we are already and partly to evangelize to non-users and the press that it’s big, useful and mainstream, already.

I reposted this over at the Oxford Forum and so far a few pretty high profile people (Tomi Ahonen and Flirtomatic’s Mark Curtis) have expressed some interest in the idea. The Oxford Forum is a free to join discussion forum about mobile, so sign up if you haven’t already¬†or leave your thoughts in a comment below.

What I was thinking about was a spontaneous, decentralised grass-roots movement where people pledge some action on the day (yet to be decided). That might be committing to support it in their blog. Telling a friendly journalist. Giving a demo of a favourite service to a couple of people. Or give away their paid-for service free for a day. Every little bit helps and maybe some of us can do some big things too.

I also don’t want to own this – so I set it free into the community. Leave a comment and tell us what you think. Good idea or not? If we do it, how could you help?

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