Tesco Launches Own Software

Tesco.gifThe big news on this side of the pond is that Tesco are launching their own equivalent of Microsoft’s Office as well as a range of other products, including personal finance, anti-virus and photo-editing software.

For those of you who aren’t from around these parts, Tesco is the UK’s equivalent of Walmart, dominating the Grocery sector and who have proved¬†able to replicate this power in other sectors too. So since they apprently plan to sell their software titles for less than ¬£20 each ($37), this could be a real and present danger for Microsoft in the consumer and SME sectors. Of course, the larger accounts in the Enterprise sector should be safe enough. It’ll also be interesting to see how this affects Google’s new foray into online software too – now that’s an interesting battle, Microsoft v Tesco v Google.

If this works, I’m sure that Tesco’s next move will be a more aggressive launch into the mobile sector. Sure, they already have an established and pretty successful (1 million+ subcribers) MVNO with O2, but currently only offer big name branded¬†handsets. Assuming O2 would play ball, what’s the betting we see a small range of own label handsets from Tesco within a year? I’m sure that high end phones wouldn’t play out, but a cheap and basic handset with the Tesco brand and made in China – why not?

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