My N73 Is Already OId And Busted; N95 The New Hotness


It sort of figures, I guess — after hanging on to my trusty K750i for more than a year, I finally decided to replace it recently with a Nokia N73, and it’s been pretty great so far. Then, just a few weeks later, out comes the N95, which, quite frankly, is shit hot — and relegates this new and expensive N73 to little more than a placeholder until the new model’s out in Q1. Spec-wise, this phone is without compare in the west, and stands up to pretty much anything in Asia I can think of. Perhaps a bigger sign of its hawtness, though, is the distinct lack of people bashing it already — a vote of confidence in today’s trigger-happy environment.

In the meantime, though, can anybody suggest some good S60 3rd Edition apps for my N73? Maybe that will take my mind off the pain one feels from having to live on the bleeding edge. (That’s a joke, in case your browser can’t detect sarcasm tags.)

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