Ryanair Scoops the World with Mobile Calls

Cheeky Irish upstart Ryanair (actually corporate behemoth)¬†is the first airline in¬†Europe¬†to allow passengers mobile and Crackberry access on its flights. The deal, via OnAir, will enable mobile devices from next Summer¬†to be used via the airline’s own network at rates that mirror the pillaging roaming charges set by operators ie very expensive and you’ll only use them in extremis or if your company pays the phone bill.

So now will you be able to fly cheaply (I flew London-Dublin on the first anniversary of 9/11 for £1) and spend all your savings on calls. Hmmm.

The trouble with this idea though, is it might be a good idea to allow me to make calls in-flight if I want to…..but that other people can too. So now you have to worry about not sitting next to the huge sweaty bloke, but anyone who starts a conversation with the words “Hello..can you hear me? I’m on the plane.”

Speaking of which, amusing and vaguely related video here.

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