Mobile Phones: Empowering Stupid Criminals Everywhere, Part IX

For the latest in this recurring series, we visit Practicalist, which has a tale of a stolen phone that kept uploading its cameraphone shots via ShoZu to Flickr. This isn’t quite as juicy as previous similar stories since the alleged thieves haven’t been caught, but it’s pretty entertaining nonetheless. Certainly worth a chuckle is ShoZu CTO Andy Tiller’s comment on the site that ShoZu’s contact backup feature could be of some additional help to the guy! Now, if only they supported geotagging…

Now, back to the stories where the idiots get caught because of a phone, Textually brings word of a genius who set up a drug deal with a cop via SMS. 18-year-old Elizabeth Burchfield of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, sent a text about buying some marijuana to police officer Phillip Short by mistake. Short didn’t recognize the number, so he ignored the message. However, Burchfield continued to send messages, so Short finally responded to set up a meeting where she got arrested for possession. Must have been about the easiest bust he’s ever made.

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